Universal Consultants JLT Offers Effective Solutions to Investors and Enterprises in the UAE Free Zones

Dubai, UAE.  (June 13, 2012): 
Setting up a business in UAE has now become an easy approach with Universal Consultants JLT (uaefreezones.me), a leading business advisory firm in Dubai that offers number of options for company set-up. Whether yours is a new or existing business, they can help you build up a prestigious business venture in any of the UAE Free Zones.

To set-up a business in UAE, there is always a requirement of proper license, legal entity and facility that can be offered by us with full assistance, so that you can understand local culture and business networks of the country. With the steady economy growth of UAE, more and more investors are being attracted to the country. This, however, has positively affected UAE free zones scheme and the graph of growth is rising up as more and more companies are setting up.

UAE free zones offer the company a 100 percent ownership opportunity and more importantly complete exemption of taxes from customs and commercial levies. Thus, keeping the engine of industrial diversification rolling and attracting foreign investors in private sector, we strive hard to bridge the gap and run the business smoothly.

What exactly Universal Consultants JLT does?

They make sure that foreign investor take full fledge use of UAE free zones scheme, without hampering their business set-up. "uaefreezones.me bridges the gap between government body and investor." says, Vaseem Bari, the Marketing Manager. This actually makes the work easier and tailored as they mediate between the government and investor.

Business Consultancy:
As an experienced business advisory firm, Universal Consultants JLT is well-versed with the labor laws, financial reporting, taxation policies, auditing regulations, and entry visas and work permits in the UAE. You can therefore expect a complete end-to-end service -from UAE company registration to its establishment. Conceptualization, optimization and execution plans with proper planning are what you can expect from this industry leader.

For any business, there will be a number of targets to be achieved and issues to be addressed. Entrusting your complex business formation task with the business consultants will be therefore a great idea to simplify the process and enjoy a sustainable business growth. Universal Consultants JLT team’s business advisory skills combined with innovation, creativity, and updated knowledge and vast experience in the field is great enough to tackle those issues. After analyzing and identifying the issues related to your business, and they provide necessary strategies to implement. This means, they provide solutions for the specific areas for improvement in your business and reach the growth objectives. Since complete confidentiality is assured for your sensitive business documents, there is no need to worry that it will ever be disclosed.

Their services for new business start-ups and existing businesses in the UAE include reviews and development of business plans, sales plans, marketing campaigns and operational implementations.  They further help clients maintain their businesses maintain control all areas of each and every project, product roll-out, and their sales & marketing campaigns. With each service offered, they will also review key areas to enhance and ensure your long term future success.

Marketing and Advertising Services:

In today’s highly competitive commercial world, marketing and advertising plays a crucial role. Understanding its importance, the Universal Consultants JLT provides advanced marketing and advertising services. With their vast experience in field, they will help you build up an effective brand image and connect with your customers in any Emirate including Dubai, Ras Al Khaima, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ajman, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain.

Brand Positioning, Corporate Identity and Design, Online Marketing Services and Copywriting and Content Creation for Print Media are the major highlights of their marketing and advertising services in the UAE. If your existing business needs to set up, maintain and run an agent-distribution network for sale of your products and services in the UAE, Universal Consultants JLT team will advise you on the best methodology that can be employed for such jobs. It will also assist you in evaluating, interviewing, recruiting and training new agents and distributors for your products and services. Additionally, Universal Consultants JLT will help you set-up training, certification and support for your existing or new agents and distributors.

IT Consultancy Services:
In this era technology changes by minute and the business world has become more competitive. With this regard, the Universal Consultants JLT provides IT consultancy services to make the IT infrastructure beneficial to your business operations. At highly reduced infrastructure overheads, you can attain right strategies to transform your business. Everything from IT Planning, Implementation and Technical Support, Network Solutions, Data Center Solution, Disaster recovery to Managed Hosting are effectively provided at this leading business consultancy firm, which helps you obtain maximum return on investments.

"Our new, improved website is user-friendly and informative": says Jacob Purackel, the IT Manager of Universal Consultants JLT.

What makes them different?

  • Professionally qualified specialist consultants
  • Dedicated company set-up manager
  • Exclusive agreements with free zones

A Business in the UAE Free Zones

UAE, undoubtedly has become the hot spot for new company and with the success of free zones, this has remarkably changed the scenario. They attract huge foreign investments, create thousands of jobs and facilitate the needed technology transfer into the country. More than half of UAE’s non-oil exports are accounted by these Free Zones, which helps the country rank as the third important re-export centre in the entire world.

For operations in the free zone area, the independent free zone authority issues the licenses. If you need to lease a land or any premise in this area, you need to acquire this operating license from the FZA. Fortunately, to set-up a business in the free zones or RAK offshore is not that difficult from now on. This leading consultants make it easier for you to develop a business in UAE Free Trade Zone including JAFZA, DMC, DIC, DHCC, SAIFZ, HFZ, RAKFTZ, RAKIA and Masdar, with ease. They help you acquire the license to register a new company in the form of a Free Zone Company and establish a branch representative office of a parent company based within or outside the UAE.

Sunil Kumar Mukta, the Business Development Manager of Universal Consultants JLT says, "We are appointed as Registered Official Agents for RAKIA Free Zone, Ajman Free Zone and RAK Offshore", which is a great news for their investors. You can therefore be assured of obtaining value-added authorized services from these leading business consultants. They will also help you establish your business entities in other prominent UAE free zones including:

  • Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone
  • Gold and Diamond Park
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Dubai Textile City
  • Dubai Logistics City
  • Fujairah Free Zone
  • Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone
  • Ajman Free Zone
  • Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

If you are looking forward to start or invest in new business in the free zones and in need of helping hands then you can contact Universal Consultants JLT who has helped in providing valuable services to thousands of its clients to become popular and build a brand image in its business field.

About Universal Consultants JLT:
Universal Consultants JLT is a leading business advisory firm headquartered in Dubai offering holistic customized solutions in multiple domains to help their clients do better businesses in the UAE. We provide you the required guidance and support to make your beginning in the right direction.

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