Agape = The Christ

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Now I had become a singer of Joy.
I am seeing everywhere happiness.
Here and there wherever I look, I see joy.
In misery of Ocean, I can feel his presence.
So I am glad, He blessed me!

To the one He loves, gave abundantly
Abundantly, the grace called Peace
He can feel it in dark times,
A time ones soul mourns.
Sing praises to our Lord, God

His loving kindness is everlasting
Even if we are wrong he will forgive
Oh what a love, what a divine love
Which everyone will cherish
Agape made Him, gave up His kingdom

Agape made him to save us.
Agape made him to die for us
Agape made him to redeem us,
To redeem one who rejected Him
Oh! See the way in which the king redeems his people!

My heart overflows in His presence
I’m not worthy to be loved by…

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